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sol duck falls Deer lake
Day length:
4.5 hours
Hikers: Tim, Starla, Tony, Miriam*
Elevation Gain: 1600 ft
Total Distance: 8 mi
Elevations: 1900ft base
~3400 Lake
  • Olympic national park
  • Sol Duc hotsprings Rd
  • National Parks Pass
Weather: hot, sun

This is my first hike with Tony and Starla since they have returned from Tennessee. Having them live on the Olympic Peninsula makes for an easy base camp for expeditions instead of camping just for a day hike from Seattle. Today we got to a late start not waking till after 9am and with a 1.5 hour drive + roadwork we didnít get on the trial until 12:45pm. Great weather, except it was kind of hot, 85 degrees at the trailhead when we started.

sunset while lost Deer Lake first hiking steps blueberry harvesting sol duck falls

Learning random stuff:

Infants at birth have about 10 inches of sight. This is about the distance between the breasts and the motherís eyes.óso the new born can start to build the attachment to the mother.