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me nice views worth the sweat
Day length:
5 hours
Hikers: Tim, Mike, Jason
Elevation Gain: 3400
Total Distance: 9 mi
  • Mt. Si Rd
  • Discover Pass
Crowds: tons
Trail Conditions:
  • dry
  • some snow
Weather: sun

Got to the trail head around 11am, parking was pretty full- got lucky and found a spot in the designated trail head. Trail its self is a pretty constant uphill grade the whole way, switchbacks and occasional stares. The trail is pretty crowded, this is the first hike that I have taken where people use their phones as portable radios without headphones… was kind of annoying at times. At the top the trail switches to a scramble, good break spots to rest before attempting the climb up the haystack at the top—to get the best view and say you are actually at the top of the mountain. The scramble isn’t listed as part of the actual 8 miles, 3150 vertical; it adds probably half a mile and about 250 vertical mostly in a scramble requiring climbing on all 4s.

The trail has no reliable water source on it and is in the foothills so it can be quite warm, pack plenty of water. Also Mt. Si is a good training mountain due to its low elevation and foothills location makes it one of the first peaks to be free of snow in the early spring.

sliping along at the top. cascades in spring