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Climbing up snowfield First view
Day length:
5 hours
Hikers: Tim
Elevation Gain: 4100 ft
Total Distance: 6 mi
Elevations: 4900 ft peak
Access: Middle Fork Rd
Discover Pass
Crowds: 4 groups
Trail Conditions: Water
Weather Sunny to rain to snow to snow/sun mix

No big entry for this trip up Mailbox Peak. Got up late saw that it was a nice day and decided I shouldn’t waste it. I got to the trail head around 1pm, top at ~3:45pm for a little meal and rest. Found out that an Ice-ax with a soft jacket hung over it makes for a pretty nice back rest/ chair when sitting on hard pack snow. On the way down the sun had been beating down on the snow covered trees long enough that if felt like I was walking in a slushy machine with slush raining down and a few inches on the ground. Got back to the car around 6pm plenty of day light left, the time change a few weeks ago is nice to have the evening hours available.

Today's Pics:

snow starts snowy over look socked in snowcoverd scree field snowpacked trees at false summit looking up

nowblown tree tell the wind direction summit looking northeast the mailbox and supplies best view of the day freeway and valley switch backs are seen in snow