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Welcome to hiking Chronicles.

Looking out from Paradice over the Nisqually River.Nisqually River headwaters

Hiking Table of Contents

2013 Hikes
Yearly Milage118.5Average milage7.9
Yearly Elevation38220Average Elevation2548
DateLocationLength mi.Elevation ft.Destination
7/5/2013Granite Mt.83800Peak
6/21/2013Rim Trail3.5400
6/19/2013Nevada Falls8.51900Falls
6/18/20134 Mile Trail9.53200Peak
5/20/2013Middle Fork of Snoqualmie161500River
4/25/2013Rattlesnake Mountain173950Peaks
4/16/2013Mailbox Peak64100Peak
4/10/2013Dirty Harry's Balcony51300Peak
3/11/2013Mt. Si93300Peak
2/20/2013Mailbox Peak64100Peak
2/15/2013Teneriffe Falls61420Falls
2/9/2013Mailbox Peak64100Peak
2/1/2013Mt. Si83100Peak
1/6/2013Rattlesnake Ridge41200Peak
2012 Hikes
Yearly Milage115Average milage8.8
Yearly Elevation29220Average Elevation2248
DateLocationLength mi.Elevation ft.Destination
9/14/2012Mystic Lake164800Lake & Peaks
9/5/2012Spray Park122500Falls & Peaks
8/18/2012Deer Lake81600Lake & Falls
8/7/2012Pratt Lake122900Lake
7/25/2012Melakwa Lakes102300Lakes
7/16/2012Rattlesnake Ridge41200Peak
6/21/2012Mailbox Peak64100Peak
6/18/2012Tenneriffe Falls61420Falls
6/15/2012Goat Lake121500Lake
5/26/2012Lake Serene7.52000Lake
5/20/2012Middle Fork of Snoqualmie7300River
5/12/2012Mt. Si93400Peak
5/5/2012Wallace Falls61200Falls

Goal make table in php here that counts number of hikes, milage, and elivation.. and keeps track of total for each year.