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tim trying not to smile frozen lake serene
Date: 5/26/2012
Hikers: Tim, Jeff, Mel
Elevation Gain: 2000 ft
Total Distance: 7.5 mi
Elevations: 530 ft car
2528 ft Lake
  • US 2
  • Forest Pass
  • Trail #1068
Trail Conditions:
  • some mud
  • some snow
Weather: sunny

Nice Seattle day, went up to Lake serene, this weekend was chosen since reports had said the past few weeks the trail way still significantly snow covered. Today there was some snow on the trail, 3 or 4 sections where there was like 15 yards of snow to cross, nothing challenging or dangerous though. The lake its self is almost totally snow/ice covered still (99+%), just enough is visible for you to see some reflections as your crossing the log bridge at the top of the falls.

We took this hike fairly easy (I was kind of hung-over from the previous night and my hiking buddies it was there first time out this year. 2.5-3 hours to get up to the lake, hung out in the sun for a long lunch break about an hour and returned to home ~1.5 hours down. The trail had quite a number of small creeks crossing it that were no problem to ford, with boot, though it did pose a little bit of a challenge to my tennis-shoe companions.

The Water falls were nice.

Day's quotes:

  • Talking about power bars, Luna bars Lora bars ect. Random other hikers over hear and refer to all bars as “chick biscuits”
  • Jeff’s great wealth of useless random stuff, “snail trails”

Pics from Jeff's and Mel's phones, Tim forgot to charge his camera for this trip...

jeff climbing falls mostly frozen lake rocky stairs rock

creek crossing the view tim on a rock