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dark selfy dusk view of i90
Day length:
Hikers: Tim, Brandy
Elevation Gain: 1300ft
Total Distance: 5 mi
Elevations: na
  • Fire training center
  • Discover Pass
Crowds: 1 hiker
Trail Conditions:
  • Wet
Weather: Dark, drizzle

This evening was a quick evening hike up to Dirty Harry’s Balcony. It’s a pretty easy trip in the day time, though this time we started late (6:30pm) enough that our trip only got to be in the daytime for the first half. Going down by flashlight however expected is always more difficult. Most of the trail up to the Balcony is an eroded logging road that is basically a dry creek bed with medium sized mostly round rocks everywhere that are not the best for walking. Also the weather wasn’t with us tonight as some spring drizzle started up about half an hour below the top. The upside to it being dark and rainy the crowds are really cut down; saw one other person headed in the opposite direction. We got to see the last light of the day leave around 8:00 pm in a cloudy summit, no sunset tonight, not that the view direction from top looks to the west either.

This evening’s pics: (some have been altered with photobucket’s basic photo editing tools to see how they work and improve some very dark shots.) Continuing on this editing side note, it’s interesting how easy it is to change stuff to make it not ‘real’.

bridge before trailhead i90 view at dusk litup raindrops awkward posing dark

editied pointing unedited pointing looking brandy pose brandy pose 2